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Protect your pavement investment with Marshall Landscaping of Newark! Our knowledge and experience sets us apart from other sealcoating contractors throughout the area. With Marshall Landscaping as your trusted partner, you can always count on us to demand the highest quality sealcoat from our suppliers, which allows us to supply the very best eco-friendly, nontoxic asphalt material.

The key to a successful pavement maintenance program is a properly applied asphalt sealcoat. Our sealcoat is applied by well-trained professionals, and includes a 2 year warranty. Our priority is to provide top quality sealcoating services to fit any budget. Sealcoating is an inexpensive way to improve your property’s appearance and extend the life of your asphalt driveway. Experience the Marshall difference today!

Marshall Landscaping Sealcoating Pavement Life
Unprotect Vs Protected Sealcoat

Why is sealcoating important?

Sealcoat is the most important element of pavement maintenance. This surface treatment protects your pavement against:

  • Weather Damage – Prevents damaging effects of oxidation and water penetration. Moisture accumulation is one of the greatest causes of pavement distress.
  • The Sun’s Ultraviolet Rays – Hardens and dries out the asphalt pavement surface, causing it to crack and deteriorate.
  • Gas, oil seepage, and other chemicals that include winter salt.
New Sealcoat
Driveway With Brick Border

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